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ARGININE MIRACLE®  | Subscription Box

3 month supply -Pick from over 17 products - Servings: 180

Natural Nitric Oxide Heart Health

Your #1 natural solution for Heart Health*

ARGININE MIRACLE® 3-Pack Subscription Box

ARGININE MIRACLE® 3-Pack Subscription Box

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3-Month Supply, 60 servings per jar/bag

The same scientifically proven NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTING formula is back with a new fresh look in 8 delicious flavors! With our new subscription box, you choose three items from our entire assortment of jars, stick packs, and flavors.

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Proudly made with heart in the USA - ARGININE MIRACLE® is a unique, brand new formulation 28 years in the making. A NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTING formula that may help to naturally reduce high blood pressure, reduce hypertension & cholesterol.*  Take our 60 day heart health challenge, you'll love the results or your money back!  


1 | As a dietary supplement, combine one scoop with 10-12 fl oz of water two times daily or as recommended by your health care professional

2 | Stir or shake until dissolved.

3 | For optimal nitric oxide production 24/7, take each serving 12 hours apart on an empty stomach.


As a dietary supplement, combine one scoop with 10-12 fl oz of water two times daily or as recommended by your health care professional

Stir or shake until dissolved.

For optimal nitric oxide production 24/7, take each
serving 12 hours apart on an empty stomach.


Take one 6.5g serving of Arginine Miracle® two times per day, 10-14 hours apart. Take it on an empty stomach a half-hour hour before food intake or 2 hours after food. It is best when taken with 12 ounces of water for maximum effect and absorption. Doing that may help to saturate the body with arginine.


If you don't experience results after the first 60 days. Take three 6.5-gram servings per/day, 8 hours apart, with 10-12 ounces of water, preferably on an empty stomach.

Note: always consult a physician before using this product if you have a severe medical condition or have had a heart attack before altering your daily health routine.

WARNING: Consult a physician before using this product if you have a serious medical condition or have had a heart attack. Do not exceed the recommended serving size if you have a bleeding disorder, use blood thinning medication or are considering surgery. Women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant should consult a doctor. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dark & dry place.
ALLERGY WARNING: Made in a facility that processes milk and soy.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Satisfied, grateful and appreciative customer

My experience continues to be excellent. Everyone in the company I have interacted with has been outstanding.

Mark T.
United States United States


From over 300 to 86 on my triglycerides plus all my numbers are now in the desirable range even though I could stand to lose 40 lbs. Feel great

Jared B.
United States United States

Very grateful customer

The experience I’ve enjoyed with Arginine Miracle, in my use of the product and my interaction with employees, has rated a solid 10 from day one. However, the above-and- beyond efforts they displayed in fulfilling my latest order has set a new standard of excellence.

Mark T.
United States United States

Canada got ❤️

Love this product! Been on Arginine twice a day for 1 1/2 years, it my ❤️ juice. Healthy right through the pandemic, I feel Arginine was a great contributor. Thank you

Diana W.
Canada Canada

slow down

Your own literature says it may take awhile for results to occur. It's too early to tell. So far, I have noticed no difference. Please be patient.

Paul N.
United States United States

I believe taking Arginine 3 times a day helped me avoid the plandemic

I have been taking Arginine Miracle for well over 8 years and I'll be 78 years old next month. I take ZERO meds and the only thing I take 3 times a day (since Covid 19) is ARGININE MIRACLE. My blood pressure is 96/70 without meds. I eat well, exercise but not enough and do all the things I did 30 years ago but a little slower. Waking up in the morning is no drudgery because I feel great EVERY day. COVID didn't happen to me and I believe taking Arginine 3 times a day helped me avoid the plandemic. Thanks for a great product. I'm a great ambassador of your product but it's like pulling teeth to get people to try it for 30 days. One friend had nephropathy and I recommended AM to him and in 30 days his circulation had improved so much that the pain left his feet. Proof is in experience. He went on vacation and forgot his AM and his pain returned. After arriving back home he began taking AM again and his pain left. He is telling all his diabetic friends about AM. Once they try it and really give AM a chance they WILL see beneficial results. I caution people about going the cheap route of getting a bottle of inferior capsules of Brand X because they don't work and they will waste their money. GREAT PRODUCT Glenn Rollins

Glenn R.
United States United States

It was very good . I have no complaints.

Edna R.
Canada Canada

Neutral response

I have been on Arginine Miracle for over a year. I also tried another brand before this one. I was hoping that it would assist in lowering my slightly elevated blood pressure as Nitric Oxide is advertised as doing. I have had no luck with it lowering my blood pressure. I even tried taking and extra serving a day as recommended by the company and still nothing. I cannot honestly say whether it is beneficial to my body or not. I have no positive or negative results to report thus far and am considering to stop taking it.

Ron R.
United States United States

Evidence of the benefits of taking Arginine Miracle

1. It stabilized my blood pressure & cholesterol 2. The style in my upper eye lip drained itself & disappeared 3. My lipoma under my arm disappeared !! 4. My short term memory & mental Sharpness much improved 5. My hair grow much better w/o Any split ends & more luster !! 6. Nails grow much faster & stronger 7. My skin sure look younger

Anthony C.
United States United States

Simply Amazing

Simply put, amazing! I have always been health; however, since taking Arginine Miracle the last couple of years I do know I feel better overall, my memory is sharper, and I’m more regular in my bowel movements. The last one is critical in feeling healthy! My sister had me try it, and she says the same. Memory and endurance is night and day!

Kirk B.
United States United States

Stay the course! You won't regret it!

I've been taking, then Arginine Cardio & now Arginine Miracle for about 5 years. I am 71 years old and pretty much eat what I want. My A1c is 5.7. My Arteries have little blockage, only one is at 40% blockage and three at 30% and the rest completely open. I do recommend Arginine Miracle but you must stay the course to realize it's benefits!

Thomas A.
United States United States


I had quit taking Agrinine due to the limited flavor selection. The phone call was a plus, plus. I love the new flavors and the boast it gives me every day. The new packaging makes it easy for on the go. Great job!

Wade B.
United States United States

Customer for life

From the initial phone call to the incredible performance of the product, I couldn’t be more satisfied. Outstanding company...and always finding ways to improve.

Mark T.
United States United States

Great family company

Perfect! I was using the original mixture a few years ago but then it got too expensive so I quit. I decided to look into it again and found that it is a lot less $ than it used to be in 2019. I signed up for the quarterly auto ship but I was not sure what flavors I would like so I got the mixed bags for the first quarter/. My next order will be one bag and the rest jars.

United States United States


If you want to keep your body and mind and shape I highly recommend arginine miracle. Give it a couple of weeks to continue to be in your system and you will begin to notice you’ll be more alert physically fit and prepared for each day. out of all the products I have used over time arginine miracle is the finest.

Kirk B.
United States United States


Thank you, Kirk. We appreciate your feedback and support! : ) - We're happy that you are experiencing great results.


re order of arginine miracle

My experience is always great with arginine miracle. Great product and great professionals to work with.

Dean C.
United States United States


Excellent product. I add apple cider vinegar to the mixture which gives it a crisp tart taste. I believe this product gives me more energy (like Trump).

William H.
United States United States

Simply Amazing

Weather in poor shape in great shape we’re in the middle Arginine Miracle is simply amazing! It gives you so much more then you could begin to imagine. From having more energy every day, needing less sleep, and just feeling better overall. You must give it a try!

Kirk B.
United States United States

Lower Blood Pressure

I had been noticing that my blood pressure had been getting high during the past few years. My doctor suggested I begin using your product. My last few doctor appointments have shown that my blood pressure has come back down to healthy levels!

Lori R.
United States United States

My results with Arginine

My testimony since using Arginine Miracle: I am 67 years old and have been using Arginine Miracle for over 6 months and have obtained the following key results: 1) Very soon after beginning the product I found my energy levels increase to the point it supported a noticeable increase in physical activity. I no longer needed or had to take a nap in the afternoon. I go from 8am to 12pm every day without needing a nap. 2) The increase in physical energy is equivalent to what I had 10-12 years ago. 3) My feet no longer hurt at the end of the day. 4) I am exercising with weights, starting slowly, and not experiencing muscle weakness of any kind. 5) My sleep is deeper and I awake fully rested. I recommend taking Arginine Miracle to anyone feeling their age and wanting to feel more energy. I look forward to continuing to use this product and discover additional benefits.

Frank U.
Scottsdale, AZ, USA